Amir Karimi: Democratic change is our aim in Iran
Amir Karimi: Democratic change is our aim in Iran

Amir Karimi: Democratic change is our aim in Iran

Member of Free Life Party of Kurdistan  (PJAK) coordination Amir Karimi gave a political speech at the ceremony of 9th anniversary of PJAK foundation on 20th April 2013 in capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

This is the text of his speech:

Representatives of parties and organizations, patriotic nation at the beginning we welcome you to the ceremony of 9th anniversary of foundation of our party PJAK. Before anything in this anniversary we remember our martyrs, those who created the existence, struggle and steps of our today’s success and we feel ourselves debtor towards them. Pure bodies of these martyrs become the identity of our party that is why we are saying PJAK is the party of martyrs.

After hundred years of occupation, after hundred years of denial and after hundred years of massacre and genocide, nowadays occupier regimes of Kurdistan one after another collapse and become weak

While we celebrate the 9th anniversary of our party there is a special situation in the Middle East. After hundred years of occupation, after hundred years of denial and after hundred years of massacre and genocide, nowadays occupier regimes of Kurdistan one after another collapse and become weak. The today’s world stage does not anymore accept the nation-state and occupation of nation-state. After hundred years we have a chance that once again step forward towards our freedom, once again we prove our existence and step forward towards establishing a free system. Today we are in the 21st century. We passed the black century of twenty, a century full of genocide. The 21st century could be the century of Kurdish nation, it could become the century of Kurdish nation’s freedom. We are seeing the first steps of freedom century. Today we are seeing that there is a strong struggle in northern Kurdistan. In result of resistance and leadership of leader Apo, in result of sacrifice of guerilla, in result of continuous struggle of Kurdish nation and in result of resistance and heroism of political prisoners, the steps of victory has been taken there (northern Kurdistan). The Kurdish issue in northern Kurdistan is going to be solved. Solution steps of Kurdish issue undoubtedly have its own effects on all Kurdistan. The biggest system of denial like Turkey enters into a new stage. The denial system no more could be used against Kurdish nation. If for the first time in the Middle East the nation-state system started from Turkey, later the imperial of Iran, Baath regime and other countries implemented the same model of republic of Turkey. Today in personality of republic of Turkey this system will be abolished. Today in western Kurdistan Kurdish nation has its own status. Kurdish nation in western Kurdistan has its own historical democratic status which is significant as an another part of Kurdistan that got its freedom from enemies and also like a democratic model of governing, even because of the importance of this status in internal balances of Syria and the Middle East, could be seen as victory of all Kurdish nation. Even in southern Kurdistan the status of our nation has a special effect and this status has an important role in components of the Middle East and changes, it should be protected and by advancing democracy it will become stronger.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a history full of massacre. Today also they perform the bio-government policy

Kurdish nation in eastern Kurdistan is a nation that has the most pressure on them. They live under the oppression and force of darkest and most lagged system of the world. The Islamic Republic of Iran has a history full of massacre, but all of these massacres are not physical. Since the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran they performed execution, killing, intimidating, destructing and crashing against will of Kurdish nation and today also they perform the bio-government policy. In frames of this policy the nation will be kept hungry and through this they want to manipulate the society and tighten the nation to themselves. Nowadays we see that in eastern Kurdistan youths doing Kolbari just because they do not want to become the man of the system, do not want to become basiji. Under the excuse of protecting borders this Kolbars will be massacre. In fact this is no protecting the borders, it is huge social destruction; this is massacre in basis.

The white massacre is performing in eastern Kurdistan. Spreading drugs by the regime, especially through the fifth column, intelligence agency and revolutionary guards it will happen and spread. Nowadays as a result of this policy thousands of Kurdish youths are addicted to narcotics. The Islamic Republic of Iran even by spreading prostitution and immorality in society tries to destroy the moral basis of Kurdish society. They work extremely systematic on this policy and investing on that too.

Islamic Republic is an anti-woman system in its origin

One of those points that Islamic Republic of Iran for destroying our society and Iranian society in general insist a lot on it is the issue of woman. Islamic Republic is an anti-woman system in its context. If in any society the woman destroyed and become aimless, that society cannot have the enough power and mechanism of struggle. That is why the Islamic Republic of Iran especially aims this point. While the most immorality can be seen in politics and rulers of Islamic Republic of Iran, mentally and physically massacre of woman under the name of morality is a special politic. This is not protecting the morality; on the contrary it is elimination of morality. Recently in city of Meriwan under the excuse of sentencing a suspect, Iranian police paraded him around the city dressed in Kurdish women clothing. Why the identity and women clothing should be used for punishment? This emanated from which mentality? This behavior is a great disrespect and attack on woman personality, culture and morality of our nation. We severely condemn this behavior.

Dams in eastern Kurdistan are constructing with the aims of military and destroying the nature of Kurdistan 

Against the nature of eastern Kurdistan a tough politic is performing from the Islamic Republic of Iran. In result of regime’s politics two great lakes are in danger of drying up. This politic is performing very systematic and scientific. Ahmedinejad is going to Kurdistan and plans for building several huge dams. None of these dams are constructing with the purpose of economy. Most of these dams are constructing with the aims of military and destroying the nature of Kurdistan. These dams are political tools. The Islamic Republic of Iran dried up several of those rivers which are going to the southern Kurdistan. We know that taking control of water it is a common politic in the Middle East. Water is an important source for achieving energy.

The main reason for establishing our party and our existence is this occupation that is going on in eastern Kurdistan

All those politics that Islamic Republic of Iran head to head of these political oppression and physical massacres that are performing against our nation, are the main reason for establishment of our party and doing struggle. The main reason for establishing our party and our existence is this occupation that is going on in eastern Kurdistan. This occupation did not limit itself with some military bases; instead it is the destruction of Kurdish personality and our society. Therefore our war against occupation is not only military war, but also our war is for destroying all kinds of ruling and occupation of regime that advanced in Kurdistan. In this frame our struggle is not only the political and military, but also social, philosophical and intellectual struggle. Because a society that faced the event of occupation will face problem and becomes weak in all contexts of identity, intellectually, personally and socially.

The eastern Kurdistan is more than four hundred years that facing the occupation of ideology of the Safavids system

The event of occupation in eastern Kurdistan is not only related to the 20th century but also the eastern Kurdistan is more than four hundred years that facing the occupation of ideology of the Safavides system and today the Islamic Republic of Iran continuing the Safavids system. It is about four hundred years that this occupation is performing; it is four hundred years that this part of our land is sentenced to separate from other parts of Kurdistan, in compare to other parts of Kurdistan the occupation effective is deeper there. As a result the level of struggle that for freedom of Kurdish personality and society is going on must be higher than the struggle of other parts. The existence of a new struggle for eastern Kurdistan is a historical requirement. A century has passed. In that century Kurd owns great resistance. Has done a great sacrificing and heroism, but despite of all these sacrifices we could not achieve the required results. In the meantime PJAK is the historical criticizing of Kurdish nation about the 20th century. It was required to review our way of struggle again. We were established in this frame, not like, let another party also to exist. Unfortunately the struggle of 20th century was not able to active all mechanisms of Kurdish society, was not able to organize enough the Kurdish society, was not able to raise enough its identity. As I mentioned earlier this stage was full of resistance and heroism but because all mechanisms of society was not active, it could not achieve the required result.

Our aim is to build a democratic society because in this context we have problem in the society. Therefore we see building a democratic society as victory in our struggle not only eviction of occupiers. Freedom must be created inside the Kurdish ego, inside the Kurdish society. This freedom has background. We have a history, an old and natural society and it is required to resurrect this culture from the beginning and make it modern.

The resistance of our comrades in prison brought a new culture with itself

The resistance of our comrades in prison shows us that the eastern Kurdistan in 21st century has started a new era which brought a new culture of resistance with itself. Our comrades in prison showed that the will of freedom of our nation and party is stronger than the occupier nation-state mentality. The magnificent Qendil epic and heroism of our guerillas proved that victory of Kurdish nation in eastern Kurdistan will be achieved with this resistance culture and the power of new freedom movement of our nation in eastern Kurdistan PJAK.

It is not possible for us to be a Kurdish movement and limit ourselves with nation-state borders

In 20th century the occupiers of Kurdistan despite of all their disputes continuously helped each other against our nation. For oppression of our nation they had a contest. In this regard they would become model for each other. Many times for oppression of our nation they would open their borders for each other. The time of nation-state and holy borders are gone. The occupiers crossed their borders. Nowadays the Islamic Republic of Iran has existence in Syria and Iraq. Republic of Turkey is also the same. Therefore no one can convict us to any border that before the nation-states determined them for us. Now it has been proved for the world that we are one nation. It is true that we specifically struggle in eastern Kurdistan but at the same time we are a national movement. Today in general the fate of Kurdish nation in the Middle East will be determined. The destiny of all parts of Kurdistan is linked to each other. While all powers and regional governments want to play a wide regional role, this is our right also to have a regional politics and struggle based on them. While the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria helps the government to stay in power, it is very normal for us to support our nation in western Kurdistan with all our power.

Special war is performing against PJAK

While a century struggle of our nation sacrificed in result of the cooperation of two governments of Iran and Turkey, especially since 2006 both governments of Iran and Turkey build a special war system against our party in eastern Kurdistan which was including all sectors of military, intelligence, psychology, and socially. Beside that hundreds of Kurdish civilians, tens of cadre and members of our party and especially some members of our party’s leadership become martyr, a huge media and psychological war started in order to denigrating our freedom-seeking struggle. The Qendil war itself was part of the cooperation between these two governments for eliminating our movement. Now that the freedom struggle of our nation in northern Kurdistan breaking up the occupation model of Republic of Turkey which continuously tried against the freedom-seeking movement of all parts of Kurdistan, we consider the struggle of our nation in northern Kurdistan against this model as our struggle. We have the same position towards the achievement of our nation in southern Kurdistan, in defending, strengthen and democratizing it. With this viewpoint and power we announce our readiness to powerfully participate in missions and playing role of Kurdish nation in the democratic Middle East.

Our politics in relation to Iran and coming elections

In relation to Iran our politics are based on democratic change. From onwards if any riot and change happen, the real democratic power will be from Kurdistan. We clearly know that the changes of the Middle East will get result in Iran. The last station of changes will be Iran. Against these changes and this stage which that Kurdish nation started, which is the stage of peace and democratic solution, stage of playing role, stage of changing in the whole Middle East and passing the nation-state, the Islamic Republic of Iran has only two ways. Whether it will accept the changes and step forwards for them or it will destroy.

In Iran the presidential election is coming up. Our politic will not be classical boycott. More important than whom or which wing is taking the power for us is what would be the Iranian government strategy after the election towards democracy, Iran issues especially Kurdish issue and does it take any step on this way? Whether once again use the classical methods of oppression or performs changes. We as PJAK are ready for both of them, war and peace. We want democratic change but democracy will be achieved by confirming the identity and will. But if any forces want to break the will of our nation, then it will face our resistance. In this regard we have right of self-defense and the Qendil war proved it for everyone.

We placed our guerillas from Mako until Luristan

The Islamic Republic of Iran should not misjudge us. We are announcing that we have guerilla from Mako until Luristan. If the Islamic Republic of Iran tries to enforce war on PJAK, somehow it would be kind of suicide for the Islamic Republic of Iran. If they do it, once again an experience worse than Qendil war will be repeated for them.

Our politics in eastern Kurdistan are based the basis of unifying the will and power of Kurdish nation and Kurdish nation with their own identity and power have democratic participation in all aspects of their life. This has its own way. Democratic participation does not mean we wait until some Iranian parties and fronts accept us or no, or we have expectation of getting something from the table that under the name of change in the future of Iran they have made for Iranian opposition.

The greatest struggle of democracy inside Iran is going on by our nation. The greatest oppression is on us, most of political executions are performing on Kurds. That is why Kurdish nation have their special place. No other force like Kurdish nation has the power of self-organizing inside Iran. We are ready for dialogue and relationship with any other power for democratic changes and solution of issues in Iran, but we do not accept any undemocratic condition. We do not go under any undemocratic umbrella that does not accept the will and identity of our nation. Not seeing the will of our struggle, not having democratic position and mentality towards identity and rights of our nation resulted in failing all attempts of outside opposition. In this regard all those attempts that in chain of conferences under the name of democracy for Iran were held in European countries doomed to fail.

The basis for us is the unity of nation; our door is close on those parties and people who do not have the culture of healthy political competitive

The basis of our struggle is an alive, political and democratic society. Implementing morality of national unity and defining the high interests of our nation in that society is the most important point for us. We cannot define the unity of society to unity of political parties only. Our society is full of different colors, identities and religions. Kurdish political parties do not have too much effect on this colorful society. Even there are many parts of eastern Kurdistan that in previous stage the struggle of these parties did not reach there for instance Kirmashan, Ilam, Luristan and most of Kurmanci areas. For the first time our party took the national struggle to these areas. We want to unify all these colors in frame of democratic society. This is an important point for us. Meanwhile this does not mean that we do not see our attempts for unity and dialogue with other Kurdish parties important, rather we have started the stage of dialogue and implementing democratic relation among political parties of eastern Kurdistan. We try to solve the shortage of absence of dialogue and democratic behavior among political parties of eastern Kurdistan. Based on this we have relationship and dialogue with most of political parties, but our door is completely close on parties or people that do not have the culture of healthy political competitive and behave with the method of occupiers with us and participating in the special war against our party and in this important stage they are looking for gaining political and economic rents. No one accepts these people and parties, not Kurdish people, not our party also until they do not straight up their politic and viewpoint we are not ready to have any kind of relationship with them.

We will formulize all these points such as struggle for democratic change, democratic participation, peace and brotherhood of nations of Iran and unity of our nation in frame of a democratic society in eastern Kurdistan, also playing role in struggle of democracy for the Middle East in frame of general struggle of Kurdish nation and democratic confederation.

In this stage with freedom philosophy of our leader, fugling of our martyrs and heroism and resistance of our comrades we increase the struggle for freedom and democracy and achieve our goals.

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