Boycotting the parliament elections is the continuation of November’s democratic protests
Boycotting the parliament elections is the continuation of November’s democratic protests

Boycotting the parliament elections is the continuation of November’s democratic protests

As the Eleventh Parliamentary Elections is approaching, the divisions among competing parties of the government have intensified, and it appears that the system’s hegemonic conflicts with global hegemony have also worsened the situation. The chaotic political situation has ruthlessly brought the economic and social situation to the brink of collapse. The ever-weakening democratic rights of various Iranian nations and especially the Kurdish people are worsening at the hands of the authoritarian regime.

Iranian nations have always voted for a “radical change” strategy instead of voting for the Islamic Republic in the previous elections. However, the regime forcefully engineered the society to accept the imposed rigged election results with fraudulent statistics. The upcoming House of Representatives election is equivalent to the continuation of the process of mass elimination and repression of dissatisfied political masses during the democratic demonstrations of January 2018 and November 2019. The brutal behavior of the regime’s Guardian Council in disqualifying dissident candidates suggests that the government is engineering a war with the society. The administration continues to misuse the political religion as a weapon to justify the massacre of demonstrations, disqualifying the electoral candidates, and as a means to silence the ethical, political, and intellectual community.

The Guardian Council transformed the law and rights into the government’s lethal weapon against the people. The system passes demagogic laws in an assembly designed for engineering endless chain of conflicts. Consequently, it destroyed its natural frame of the parliament and converted it to a field to suppress political, social, economic, and democratic thoughts.

As the Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR) and the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), we are aware of the future form of the Islamic consultative assembly. We understand that this assembly is choosing threats and war over finding a solution — it deceptively engineered a way to disqualify candidates critical of the regime, which is a gross violation of the rights of the people. As a result, we see any tolerance towards the regime’s oppression as treason towards our nation. By the Kurdish nation’s democratic rights, we strictly boycott this election and request our people to give a strong response to the oppression of the Islamic Republic regime against people with reliance on their will and democratic demands.

We announce the fundamental standards of our position for boycotting 11th Parliamentary Election period and the mid-term election of the 5th period of leadership Assembly of Experts in Iran as below:

  1. The Islamic Consultative Assembly is homogeneous and structured in line with the extremism of conservatives.
  2. Fascistic and chauvinistic disqualifications have occurred in large scale.
  3. The Iranian regime has already engineered more than half of the parliamentary seats in favor of extremist conservatives.
  4. The regime of Iran forms the upcoming elections autocratically under the extreme influence of warfare needs of the system to overcome the nuclear and sanction conflicts and to retain forty years of dictatorship domination.
  5. The Iranian regime is abusing the tribal, cultural, and religious disputes to intensify the election campaigns among the people — an overused plot by the government.
  6. Similar to other entities of the regime, the parliament does not have any solution for the problems of nations of Iran, especially the Kurdish nation. It is merely a formality. The chauvinist observation of the Guardian Council imposes the interests of the Islamic Republic regime over the importance of the people.
  7. Parliament has not passed any law regarding the nation’s state materials and their self-administrations.
  8. Parliament, as the legislative power of the regime, has taken an organized form of violence and war. The harsh treatment towards November 2019’s protests and systematic massacre of Kurdish Kolbars are two prominent examples of this reality. Parliament has also designed and legalized the denial and assimilation policies based on “nationalism, genderism, and liberalism” and imposed it on society as a toxic poison.
  9. Similar to other entities of the regime, the Islamic Consultative Assembly is a patriarch entity. In its hierarchy, due to the conflictive policies between male and female gender, the women’s constitutional status is not considered. Therefore, it is essential for women as half of society to boycott the election. Similar to women, the youths of Iran have also been systematically oppressed and neglected in this process.
  10. It destroys the roots of democracy and builds the management based on a single nation, government, flag, culture, language, history, religion, and other chauvinistic mono-idolizations.
  11. Civil disobedience and discontent against the regime is the only radical approach to abolish the structured tyranny and corruption of the government.
  12. In the previous elections, the Kurdish nation has always voted for radical changes. Therefore, it is expected from Kurds to boycott the election as a form of civil disobedience.
  13. As KODAR – PJAK, we only accept a democratic election based on the democratic roadmap that we presented in 2018. A roadmap that recognizes the right of the self-determination for Kurdish nation, and other nations.

Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan ─ KODAR
Free Life Party of Kurdistan ─ PJAK


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