In 12th anniversary of the international conspiracy we pledge to intensify our struggle
In 12th anniversary of the international conspiracy we pledge to intensify our struggle

In 12th anniversary of the international conspiracy we pledge to intensify our struggle

While we are entering the 12th anniversary of the onset of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people, similar efforts based on the same mentality aimed at the liquidation of Kurdish national will, have been constantly in place.

The main goal of the international conspiracy was the annihilation of the Kurdish struggle for democracy and freedom. The Kurdish struggle by availing of its political, ideological and organisational principles has been playing a pioneering role in bringing about free life and brotherhood to the Middle Eastern nations. Another goal of this conspiracy which culminated in the abduction and deportation of the Leader Apo to Turkey was to debilitate and incapacitate Apo’s intellectual, political and organisational ability. By thwarting the Kurds from taking a pace toward free life, they also sought to impose subjugation on the Kurds for another century.

The international powers with the monopoly of capital and forces targeted the Leader Apo owing to the fact that they sought to dilute the Kurdish struggle and impose the servitude and unequal lives on the Middle Eastern nations and convince them that the subjugation and the oppressions are parts of their destiny.

But now after 12 years from the international conspiracy which in itself was in violation of all moral and legal standards of the West, there are still efforts to dilute the Kurdish resistance movement, the Western Powers are persistent on trading on the Kurdish issue; the occupying powers of Kurdistan are unabated in their fight with the Kurds based on their chauvinistic mentality. The restriction on ROJ- TV which has been the main subject of the political trading between Turkey and the Western powers is in clear violation of the freedom of speech and press, a concept that the West regards itself as the heir of. This is another side of the international conspiracy that had clearly emerged into the political games of the international powers and has continued to date.

Nonetheless, what has been evident is the tireless and continuous struggle of the Leader Apo, the Kurdish people as well as their resistance movement. As the result of the consistent philosophical, intellectual, ideological and political battle of the Leader Apo combined with the mass protestation of the Kurdish nation, the endeavour of the Kurdistan’s society for the establishment of a free life, the Kurdish nation’s loyalty and adherence to the Leader Apo, the heroic resistance of guerrilla forces and the freedom martyrs; as the result of all these facts the international conspiracy did not hit its designed targets and in its 12th anniversary its has overtly failed.

The fact that the Turkish authority took the Leader Apo as an interlocutor for negotiation on the Kurdish issue is the most obvious reason to demonstrate the failure of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people.

At the end we condemn the pressure and the restriction on ROJ-TV which has not any legal grounding and we regard that as a part of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish voice, colour and identity.

In the meantime we would manifest our outrage and abhorrence toward all sorts of mentality and approaches that impose war and domination over the nations. Once more we articulate our adherence to the Leader Apo as well as the goals and aspirations of the Kurdish society for the achievement a free and honourable life and we vow to strengthen our struggle for the freedom of the Leader Apo and to achieve our people’s goals.


Coordination of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)

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