Iran and Turkey relationship, silence of West due to political interest in the region

Iran and Turkey relationship, silence of West due to political interest in the region

According to Ettelaat Newspaper-Tehran- Head of Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Rifat Hisarciklioglu, said that Iran and Turkey should boost their bilateral trade to reach economic success.

In the 7th Iran-Turkey joint trade session held at Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Hisarciklioglu said that although Iran is an oil rich country, two sides can cooperate not only in the field of energy but in other areas due to the cultural common ground.
He added that the volume of Iran-Turkey trade exchange is less than expectation which is somehow affected by new changes in Customs Office laws. He also said that Iran’s exports to Turkey are five-fold that of Turkey, calling for trade balance.
Turkish private sector can cooperate with Iran with partnership in investment projects, he said.

However, on the 2/March/2008 Iranian president Mr. Ahmadinezhad in a news conference called upon Turkey to cooperate and jointly fight Kurdish guerrilla in Southern Kurdistan, and very strongly supported recent Turkish Incursion. It was at the time when the Turkey was under extensive criticism internationally and regionally. Turkey suffered heavy consequences politically and militarily. Therefore, Turkey and Iran adapted a different method to fight and constant their brutal suppression. On the 14/March/2008 head of Turkish Chamber visited Iran companied by the Turkish Intelligent officials “mead”. The purpose of that visit was not merely economic; both sides discussed some other key purposes and factors including the current bombardments of Southern Kurdistan by the Iranian artilleries’.

In addition to that, the uprising of Mahdi militia army in Southern Iraq and causing instability in that region of Iraq approves that there a great conspiracy against the Kurds. The current uprising in southern Iraq is funded and supported by the Iranian regime. In order to put extensive pressure on coalitions forces and keeps them silent regarding the 1770 resolution.

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