PJAK held its 5th Congress
PJAK held its 5th Congress

PJAK held its 5th Congress

The Free Life Party of Kurdistan, PJAK held its 5th Congress on 15 and 16 of October 2016.

During the congress, PJAK evaluated their activities of the past two years and presented a report on their activities to Congress. PJAK within a resolution insists as a political party in Rojhelat (East Kurdistan) and Iran, should accomplish their roles and responsibilities in line with the development of the Democratic Nation in Kurdistan and Iran.

In addition, the congress elected the assembly members of PJAK, also Zîlan Vejîn and Siyamend Moînî as PJAK’s co-chairs.

Meanwhile, PJAK criticized the Iranian government for leaving unresolved Kurdish question. PJAK emphasizes that want to solve the Kurdish problem through democratic politics. It is also believed that if the Iranian government don’t respect the democratic demands of the Iranian people, especially the Kurdish people, the current crisis in the Middle East will be in Iran also.

PJAK also calls all political forces and civil societies in Rojhelat and Iran to expand efforts to build a common front in the direction of democratization of Iran.

PJAK was founded by a group of students and activities of Democratic Unity Movement in 2004. PJAK during its 12-year struggle always tried for a political solution to the problem of Kurdish in Iran, but the Iranian government always has responded to these efforts by oppression, invasion, death and prison.

English version of final declaration of the 5th Congress of PJAK will be published soon in our web site. Please click on the language name to read the declaration in Kurmancî, Soranî or Persian.



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