Solution to the Kurdish issue can be assured by democratic means
Solution to the Kurdish issue can be assured by democratic means

Solution to the Kurdish issue can be assured by democratic means

It’s known that we as PJAK, from the foundation of our movement have worked and endeavoured to solve the Kurdish issue in a democratic way, and our work has generated new hope and confidence in our people in the East of Kurdistan. In response to our endeavour the Iranian regime has resorted to violence and military operations, instead of democratic solution. Although we have responded to the violence of the Iranian regime within the framework of self-defence, we have declared non-active phase various times. In the last year particularly, we did not carried out any guerrilla activity.

As usual, we are of opinion that solution to the Kurdish issue can be assured by democratic means, instead of violence and hostility; to this end we have taken dialogue as the base.

Despite our sincerity and ceaseless effort to a peaceful solution, Iran has persistently implemented executions, escalated tortures, increased pressure on the people and launched military operations relentlessly. In their latest effort, the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched new waves of offensives on 16th July aiming for the eradication of our movement. Their invasion was encountered with the historic resistance of our guerrilla forces, and Iran came to understand that with the application of violence it will not secure any end. Our resistance produced a great success and generated significant political achievement for our people.

To end hostility in the current phase, some friendly individuals and circles have mediated between Iran and us. They have requested us for the cessation of violence. Owing to their appeal and due to the fact that we believe in democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue, we have decided to declare a ceasefire. Therefore, if the Iranian regime agrees to this ceasefire, it would be practised by our forces from tomorrow 5th September from 12 noon. Contrarily, the Iranian regime would be responsible for any upcoming events. We hope that our decision for ceasefire would serve peace and a democratic solution.

The latest period in the Middle East and the violence and hostility they have produced, indicate that violence would only deepen the problems, and such methods have no potential for solution. The only possible mode of solution to the current crisis is peaceful and democratic ways premised on the internal dynamics. We as PJAK believe that the foreign intervention would not solve the problems, but exacerbating them. We hope that Iranian regime would pursue democratic means for the solution of the Kurdish issue.


General Assembly of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)

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