The assassination of Ahvazi activists comes from the weakening of dictatorship in Middle East

The assassination of Ahvazi activists comes from the weakening of dictatorship in Middle East

On November 8/2017 in The Hague city of Netherlands, Ahmad Mavla Niesy the political activist was assassinated by one gunman in front of his house while he was with two other member of his family.

The Middle Eastern dictatorship regime in the past century used terror and assassination as a tool to weakening of peoples determination for there rights and freedom and they forget by doing this, they make people much more active in gaining their freedom.

This assassination is done while European countries are closing their eyes on Dictatorship regime in the Middle East, the terror of Ahmad Movla Niesy in the city of The Hague which is known for the center of European human rights is dangers alarming to the whole foundation of European countries therefore we as a Kurdistan Free life party (PJAK) call the all human rights groups and activists to not accepting such a brutality’s happening in the middle of Europe which they claims The safest regions on the world.

We believe terrorizing our fellow Arab activists will not be successful in the long run and will not be forgotten by Arab nation in Iran, we condemn such a brutality by dictatorship regime.

We as a free life party of Kurdistan (PJAK) are supporting every element of democratic society and groups of social justice to establish a system of governing to eliminate of terror, we believe to end this brutality, we need to establish democratic, ecological systems of governing in the Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and the Middle East region that will recognize the rights of women and others according to human rights code.

We send our deepest condolences to our Arab Al Ahvazi people and Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA), the family of prominent activists Ahmad Mola Niesy, we believe his blood won’t get cold till the freedom achieve.

Executive Board of Free Life Party of Kurdistan ─ PJAK

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