As we have mentioned in previous evaluation, the regime is in an absolute war formation. The war takes place on two fronts and simultaneously.

This means that the regime has launched all-out attacks inside of the country and against the people of Iran and at the abroad arena; it continues its belligerent policies.

The end of the life’s view of the leaders of the hegemonic regime of the Islamic Republic on world issues and how they manage leading the regime to a confrontation and rivalry.

The belief of the end and the definite victory of a battle against the opposing forces will win them and establish their own utopia.

This ideological view of internal and global issues, according to intellectual and wises obstruction cause implications of the system in all paths.

Increasing the level of tension and crisis in the system at the regional and global surfaces has only strengthened the opposition and the convergence of forces would oppose the Islamic Republic. Those opportunities one after another would be lost.

The new US government has made every diplomatic effort to amend the demolition done by the previous government in the world, which prevented unison against Iran. The simultaneous negotiation with Europeans and countries of the region, as well as efforts to establish peace and end conflicts in areas such as Yemen, is an emblem of determination of Biden’s government to recover the diplomatic vacuum in dealing with Iran.

Simultaneously, we are witnessing an increasing process of military operations against Iranian forces by the United States and Israel. This order shows that the world powers have not only diminished the pressure on Iran, but are also analysing new channels for exerting pressure and using new levers.

The most important weakness of the previous US government in dealing with the Iranian hegemony was its incapacity of the multilateral policy and forming a coalition. Particularly, regarding the dealing with European, this case was obvious. The new phase could be a combination of the previous government’s Middle East achievements and current developments in Europe.

Iran realised these issues well, consequently sees the blackness of the flags from afar. We are witnessing the establishment of new defence systems in the region and reacting to Iranian attacks.

This order has completely diminished the system’s fortunes for maintaining JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). Consequently, that Hassan Rouhani in his last speech, while praising JCPOA, considers its destruction as the result of a Zionist conspiracy.

The Rouhani’s government is the most hopeful, because the only achievement on which he was relying and bragging was this JCPOA. Anyhow, the attacks are carried out by Iranian proxy forces in the region are related to the issue of maintaining JCPOA.

There is no hesitation that the world powers consider the JCPOA’s agreement to be inadequate and limited. Up to now, they have declined to fulfil their agreements for this basis. Because the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which was supposed to be approved by the Iranian parliament as a complement to JCPOA, is still in the country’s bureaucratic system.

Because of this there are special financial action groups (FATF) that should have been approved by the Iranian parliament as a complement to JCPOA, it is still arguing in the bureaucratic system of the country. Besides that, Khamenei agitates the issue to be risen 60% of enrichment.

According to it; from 23 February 2021, the entry’s permission will be banned against the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors. In fact, Iran wants to prevent any possible approval against Iran by preventing inspecting by Inspectors.

However, this case will take nowhere and the Council of Governors considered this act of the system contrary to its requirements. This in itself could be converted with a pressure lever.

With or without JCPOA, the eventual aim is to force the Iranian tyrant regime to be capitulated. If this process reaches the end without a war or with a yielding war, it is better for the West to incur large military expenses.

The battle or conflict between Iran and the West and even the countries of the region has never been a battle between the two forces of goodness and wicked and is not.

The internal war is the global system of capitalist in which Iran is observed as a disturbing case. Ibrahim’s peace and the possibility of forming a united Arab-Israeli front could be troublesome in the Gulf region.

Especially with the returning Qatar to the Gulf Cooperation Council and its support for Saudi Arabia in the face of Yemen’s Houthis attacks, Iran’s hopes will be diminished.

Iran’s consultations with the Taliban and some other regional forces have not yielded any significant results, and this means Iran’s diplomatic has been isolated. Perhaps it can be said that the situation is neither war nor peace is being disrupted.

Rouhani’s speech at the beginning of his second term in Presidential should be remembered, “War or peace with Iran is the mother of all wars and peace”.

We are also observing new tension between Turkey and Iran. Long time ago, which is mean, since the Karabakh war, the Islamic Republic expressed its concern over the presence of Salafi forces in the region and Erdogan’s poetry reading in the celebration of Azerbaijan’s victor.

Erdogan’s expansionist policies have raised growing concerns of Iran. The regime of the Islamic Republic cannot hide its anger in this occasion. Iran realizes well that Turkey has become severely debilitated due to economic, political and military weaknesses. The last cane that Erdogan has relied on is nationalism. Accordingly, it considers the probabilities.

It is also necessary to remember that after the defeat of the Turkish army and the Erdogan regime in Gara and the global reflection of that, the grounds for the fall of fascism in Turkey is prepared.

The resistance and the daring epic that the guerrilla forces deservedly achieved. This battle has raised new hopes among Erdogan’s opponents around Turkey and around the world. Before the confrontation, no one had dared to confront Erdogan, but this defeat even challenged the foreign policy of Erdogan and Turkey.

Undoubtedly, if the Gara operation was successful, it would be the turn of Shengal and other areas, which both sides of the Aras would be included of Erdogan’s plan. It should not be denied that the victory of the guerrillas in Gareh has also affected the policies and relations between Iran and Turkey.

Iran that had previously been concerned about Turkey’s expansionist ambitions, but due to the cooperating in circumvention of sanctions had hidden its sorrow as coercively (but the Iranian authoritarian called it as being generous!). Now, according to the Turkey’s inability and the possibility of Turkey’s slipping into the skirt of the West, Iran is openly expressing its opposition to its policies.

Summoning each other’s ambassadors and involving competition to Iraqi territory could situate a new period in relations between the two countries. Especially since Iran is very concerned about the situation of Hashed al-Shahbi and its position in Iraq. Iran cannot admit of the restriction of Popular Mobilization Forces.

Undoubtedly, the issue of Shangal is a Kurdish issue and has no any relation with either Turkey or Iran.
Iran wishes to intervene in the affairs of the region through Popular Mobilization Forces and based on this way can maintain the connection bridge between Iraq and Syria.

Inside Iran the execution, arresting and killing still continue. The planted seeds are on their loading in the bio-power of the system in the second step of the revolution. Throughout all the authoritarian regime periods in Iran, the policy of bio-authority has been implemented in all various against all the people of Iran and following the rules of the centre-circumference is on its agenda.

The consequence of these policies in the border areas of Iran, where the Balooches, Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens peoples live is nothing but poverty and misery. This affair has changed the living culture of this region to vulnerable.

The communities in these areas breathe in a heavy security atmosphere and can barely make ends meet of their daily life. The systematic discrimination illustrates itself as a naked violence.

Recently, we witnessed the uprising of the Baloochistan people in response to the massacre of fuel transporters in the city of Saravan. The uprising of the suppressed and hushed people of the mentioned province brought out their self-anger against the regime obviously.

Certainly, it is necessary to remember that regions such as Kurdistan, Khuzestan and Baloochistan have always been at the front position of news about poverty and underdevelopment. Some of this news is organized in the form of a specific war on the system as well. Evidently, this is despite all the capacities, capabilities and creativity in these areas.

However, the uprising of the Balooch people can be considered from several angles:

First, in terms of its wideness and dynamism in the Balooch society, which shows the vitality, social freshness and persistent of the culture of resistance in this region. This phase can be a historical emotion point in the reorganisation and self-discovery of the people of Baloochistan.

Second, this uprising showed that the social capitals of the Balooch community remained firmly despite the regime’s authoritarian policies. The economic poverty has not damaged the social and political volition.

The third, which we believe is one of the most important cases, is the scale of effectiveness to which it had and has internal, regional and global supports.

However, the Iranian opposition was somewhat sceptical about the issue; but in general, support to this comprehensive and democratic uprising is very important and valuable.

It is essential that the killing Kollbars and fuel transporters should not to be separated from each other. We should consider the bio power policies in a form as a whole. The regime’s criminals in all border areas use this policy as a template.

The oppressors of the Revolutionary Guards and smuggling cartels affiliated with this military institution, such as the Sarollah base and the Quds Force, whose job it is to circumvent Iranian sanctions by resorting to any legitimate and illegitimate approaches, commit all kinds of crimes in the Balochistan and Kurdistan regions.

According to this circumstance, solidarity against common enemies and similar policy is about struggle and victory. Of course, we have witnessed and are witnessing this twin identity and acceptance.

PJAK and KODAR have always carried a message of solidarity for the Iranian people. Meanwhile, providing an approach and schedule, we declare and are ready to take practical steps.

Iran is in fear that the uprisings will spread everywhere and that is why it is pursuing similar policies in the areas mentioned in this article. The regime is trying to prepare the necessary atmosphere for the exploitation of the fundamentalist current from now on.

With its widespread propaganda, it shows the situation in such a way that the discourse of fundamentalism is unrivalled and is in line with the requirements and demands of the Iranian people. This attitude of the regime must be analysed in the frame of a particular war. The regime believes that the possibility of the revolution and reform are not existent.

The regime also believes that has such flexibility of ability that it can adapt to new conditions; it is demagogy and falsehood. Promoting capitulation and gratitude among the people and continuing the philosophy of expectation and mortification are the aim of the domination regime.

This type of thoughts means not winning the fundamentalist current to the point of nihilism and denial of society. Undoubtedly, the continuation of the life of the fundamentalist current and they are sticking on the throne of power of all three powers in Iran means the continuation of repression, torture, execution and de-identification and massacre of the Iranian people.

In this way, the authoritarian regime in Iran wants to prevent future uprisings and other Abans uprisings. Even in the coming days, President Rouhani will try to clean and pure all the blamed lacks on the government and the fundamentalist current.

Undoubtedly, the Iranian people are much more wide-awake than to be deceived in these gyps. The circumstance is generally different, the people of Iran are getting closer to each other, and the gap created by the regime is being recovered. As mentioned, we obviously witnessed this in the issue of the uprising of the people of Baloochistan. It is a public duty to prevent the domination of the fundamentalist current.

There is no anything as electoral certainty. As we have stated before in continuing campaigns and are still ongoing that “NO” to executions, torture and long-term imprisonment. It is necessary to declare no to fundamentalism and government reformists. Since, the continuation of the process of execution, murder and killing is the same.

Any vote for fundamentalism is to have a gallows hanging and a brick on the wall of a prison. We believe that the rational political is developed and awareness of the Iranian people achieved in the frame of collective society and steps towards the disgrace of the regime.

Undoubtedly, Kurdistan and Baloochistan have always been at the forefront of this issue and have been able to classify the fate of the elections as they wish. We are definite that no one in Kurdistan has forgotten Aban and Di Mah and will not want it to be forgotten.

Women and youth in particular must perform pioneering role in rejecting the fundamentalist and populist’s right-hand and hotchpotch of this spectre.

Asfand has always been a reminder of resistance and uprising. There are upcoming important days that must to be welcomed and the practice of being together began now.

Including the International Day of Women and Newroz, which can be a symbol of the collapse of the worn-out mentality of fundamentalism and protected the symbol of the convergence of Iranian society and people?

Assembly of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan-PJAK

06 March 2021

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