We support measures taken to build democratic self-rule in Rojava

We support measures taken to build democratic self-rule in Rojava

Our nation’s vast and unique struggle in Western Kurdistan (Rojava) made explicit by declaring local self-rule has entered a new stage to freedom in this part of Kurdistan. We do congratulate declaration of autonomous zones in Rojava to all Kurds especially those in Western Kurdistan with their forerunner of freedom. We do also pay our reverences to all the heroic martyrs who made possible this historic achievement through their dedication and struggles.

No doubt that was a very important move in the history of our national struggle in all parts of Kurdistan. The 19 July Revolution has relied on its inherent will. It proved the merits of contemporary struggles of the Kurdish nation for freedom and their legitimate rights, and the relevancy of ideological-political concept of the third line in the region and beyond. Although some circles and establishments tried to stifle the Revolution, their plans had failed once met with the unrivalled strength of our nation.

Without a doubt, following this historic move, defence of the Rojava Revolution and a solution to the Kurdish issue in this part of Kurdistan is a national-patriotic mission to which our nation especially the Kurdish political parties should feel responsible. As Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) we do support the declaration of democratic self-rule in Rojava. Furthermore we call upon the whole Kurdish people and Kurdish political circles to support it and to take appropriate stance against any hostile measures.

Ultimately, we do congratulate again the establishment of the Rojava Autonomous Zones and hope that these achievements to become a new phase in the struggle to freedom and the legitimate rights of all Kurdish people.


Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan – PJAK

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