YRK’s statement on recent clashes in Merîwan

YRK’s statement on recent clashes in Merîwan

While the Iranian regime special forces and contra-guerrilla agents, in addition to the militarization of the Rojhelat (eastern Kurdistan), they have attempted to military operation and ambush for the East Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) guerrillas.

Despite the YRK were warned in its previous statements repeatedly if the Iranian regime forces carry out for any military operation and ambush, they will face with reaction of our guerrilla forces.

On 05.20.2015 at 1:30 AM, due to ambush of the Iranian military and contra-guerrilla forces for our guerrillas in the village of Hencîran, Merîwan functions, clashes occurred. During the conflict one of the Sepah-e Pasdaran forces ‘IRGC’ was killed. In this conflict there is no harm to our guerrilla forces.

At the end, we warn once again to the Iran regime and contra-guerrilla forces, if they continue to put pressure to our people and also to ambush and military forces, they will face with the stronger reaction on framework of the self-defence principles.


The Command of YRK ‘East Kurdistan Units’

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